Jerky pan footage

DJI Mini 3 Pro
Has anyone else noticed that since the last firmware update they get jerky video whilst panning?

An example would be useful to be able give an opinion.

Also - is this the footage straight from the drone’s card, after editing or on YouTube?

If after editing, what frame rates were used to record and to render?

Also, what were you viewing on? phone/tablet/computer/tv?

@OzoneVibe Footage straight from the drone. Recorded at 4K 25fps This is what I normally film at.
After editing rendered at 25fps again what I normally use. Viewing on my laptop which is a hi spec gaming machine.

Possibly a very slight framerate mismatch between the drone and rendering software ?

Does it happen when you view it straight from the drone without editing/rendering ?

@MartG1960 Yes if viewed straght from the drone, after editing, and on youtube. It’s has happened on previous videos after uploading to Youtube/facebook but played fine on my computer, but now they are jerky before I edit and upload them.

As MartG1960 says, perhaps a frame rate mismatch - if you right-click the YouTube video and bring up ‘Stats for nerds’, it says your video is 24fps.

That might well explain it, but then the question is how it ended up as 24fps…

Indeed - this is what Stats for Nerds shows …


… and I’ve marked where it shows the frame rate.

YT doesn’t change the frame rate of what’s uploaded so, somewhere in your workflow, you’ve ended up rendering at 24fps.

The change means it’s dropping 1 frame every second, and this could be the issue.

So - render again at 25fps and upload to YT and let’s see if it’s improved/gone. :+1:

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I might have found the problem. The encoding is set at 25fpm just run it again, and it is the same. Even before uploading to You tube. So I open the file in Corel Video studio instead of Shotcut (which I normally use) and it looked smoother. So I have rendered it from Video studio and here is the result. It maybe a problem with Shotcut.

Obviously the Shotcut settings were to render @ 24fps.

So that was the issue.

So important to keep recording/editing timeline/render all at the same fps.

No. I checked and re rendered from Shotcut and it was set to render at 25fps but still jerky. It was jerky playing the original file (frome drone) in Shotcut, but when I tried it in Video studio it played fine,and then rendered fine. I have always used Shotcut and I am used to it, but it looks like I may have to learn to use Video studio now, especially as my wife bought it for me for Xmas.Haven’t used it until now because I hate learning new software.

Try to uninstall it and then install a fresh version

A Quick google search pulls up lots of issues

Out of interest, why record at 25 fps? I always record at 4K, 30fps as its recommended as being the best (all round) setting. I know 24fps is also widely used for filming but not heard many using 25fps? I also mix footage from my phone with my m3p which defaults to 4k 30fps and never had an issue. :thinking:

@D0c.Col If I am filming for something that will be drone only footage I use 30fps. But if it going to be mixed with footage from my camera (which only does 24fps) I set the drone to match to make life easier, I have 2 action cams, one does 4K 25fps but the other does 4K 30fps. So again I alter the drones fps to match.
When I replace them I’ll make sure the replacements can do 4K 30fps or more.

if your going to film something with diff camera you should look at this guy, he is doing everything on just his mini 3 pro

(1) Wild Creative DRONE Handheld Shots Are GENIUS! :small_orange_diamond: DJI Mini 3 / DJI Mini 2 / Mavic 3 / Air2s - YouTube

@Aldric I’ll take a look at that, I had thought about making a mount to hold the mini 3 pro on my scooter as my action cams dont have gimbles or EIS so footage from the mini 3 would be far better. It couldn’t replace my camera though although it is only 24fps it has 50x zoom.

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All is revealed. I get it now. :+1:

glad I could help :slight_smile: