Jittery video playback

I’m sure it’s my crappy cpu, but I took some video yesterday on the mini2. 4K, 25fps. Trying to play it back on desktop and it’s horrible, stop start, jumpy and maxing out the cpu, even when overclocking. I’m on win10 home 64bit, celeron i5 G3930 @ 2.90GHz, 8GB RAM and 2048MB Radeon HD 7800. I’ve played it back on 3 different programs and all are the same. Can I use davinci resolve to compress it or make it better? Sorry but I am a complete and utter virgin when it comes to video

Anywhere you can upload the file so others can take a look/test?


This might help. Use 4K footage in an HD Timeline in Davinci Resolve 16 - 1080p and UHD Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

Don’t skip the start as when he gets to the 1080 timeline the settings he’s applied won’t make sense.

Someone else more versed in Davinci may come along later with a better suggestion.

I’ll give it a try, but bare in mind this is my first attempt at video so it will most likely be rubbish :slight_smile:
I’ll also have to go into town to upload from my tablet, my broadband is 3meg down and 0.3 up and I get no mobile connection signal at home either!!!

Sounds like the common problem on older spec PCs. They don’t take kindly to H.265 codec compression … which the Mini2’s 4k will be in.

Use Handbrake to convert to H.264 … and even then, your computer may struggle with 4k video, but hopefully will be ok.

If it does struggle with H.264 4k, then you can use Handbrake to also lower the resolution to 1080p at the same time.


cheers, I’ll give that a watch

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Thanks for the info. I think I’ll just record in 1080 from now, 4k seems a bit of overkill when it’s only going on the tinterweb.

Yes and no.

No = it does contain more detail, so cropping in edit can be done before outputting at 1080p without loss of detail.

Yes = if you won’t be cropping, and only posting full frame, then agreed - most of the time.
However - when uploading to YouTube their “processing” can screw with things, and viewing video uploaded at 4k, and watched in 1080 does look better.

Until you have a computer that’s more up to the game, though, 1080p makes life a lot easier.

Here’s a link to Handbrake if you were interested. HandBrake: Downloads

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it’s busy downloading as I type, thanks :slight_smile:

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Not the most friendly of user interfaces … but that’s sometimes the penalty of things that are highly specced … so many options.

There’s probably simpler ones - but I’ve been using Handbrake since … a long time, and never bothered with others.


converting it to H.264 has made it playable, thanks.
I’ll need to have a look at upgrading the cpu at some point, although prices of them at the moment are horrendous due to the worldwide shortage :frowning:
Not as bad as I thought actually. I can go up to a 7th gen core i7, which second hand aren’t that bad. Wether or not it will make much difference?

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You can create proxy files in Resolve which will help but it’s quite a long process. I have a similar problem with my older i7 laptop. I tried all sorts of things but ultimately if you want or need to edit in 4k you will need more grunt.

The best for handling the files I found was Cyberlink PowerDirector but even that struggled. I ended up getting a Mac M1 Mini for editing video and pictures.

cheers for the info, I’ll not be getting a new pc anytime soon, I am far more interested in photography which my current pc copes with. I’m quite happy to plod along with @OzoneVibe suggestion as it is working fine, if not a little slow to convert.

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As well as CPU, many video editing programs (like DR) make use of GPU … so video card upgrade in sync with the CPU make sense, as does RAM to a minimum of 16GB.

But those three are about 75% of the cost of a new PC, so … :crazy_face:

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… and eats up hard drive space. But yes, chuck everything into a project and initiate proxy creation before you go to bed … start editing when you get up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I forget … there used to be a “delete all proxy data” option … then that vanished and there was a load of (legitimate) moaning. Did it return?
Not looked for a few months.


At least you can now watch what you recorded. :wink:

I’m pretty sure the Mini 2 capabilities are only H.264?

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I was under that impression too but more than happy to be corrected! Had to select either H264 or H265 on the 2 Pro, the laptop didn’t like either :see_no_evil:

If that s the case might it be related to the video bitrate?

Not used Resolve for a while so not sure, been playing with FCP most recently. You’re right about it taking forever though.

The problem is quite likely to be your graphics card. Have you tried editing and rendering the video, this might help.