Jodrell Bank - Added to Everything Else in the North West region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

The Lovell Radio Telescope, Jodrell Bank


Ahhhh… this place is dear to my :heart:

It’s also been on my ‘wannafly’ list for soooo long!

Any mag interference @StevenPSCC ??

Great video :clap:t2:

No just an irate farmers wife who said my drone was trespassing over her land, I asked if I could see her deeds for ownership of the sky.


this has really got me wanting to go and fly there now! @PingSpike @StevenPSCC we need to organise something!

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Maybe we make Jodrell Bank our first North West meet-up venue?

(When the weather is better!)

I think thats a good idea… when the weathers slightly predictable!

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Been here today with the mavic…sadly the weather was against me and I never got the opportunity to fly :slightly_frowning_face:

It struck me when I was there that I don’t actually think I’ve ever been to jodrell bank before. Despite living 15 minutes up the road.

Still, first time for everything, even at 40!!

Fantastic piece of engineering eh?

The weather here has been mental, hail stones and everything!

It is exceptional.

Really interesting place. Will be going back and taking my 13yr old. I sent him a photo and he said and i quote “is that the Hubble space telescope”

He hasn’t even heard of jodrell bank!!

I’ve failed as a parent!! Be taking him when we get the chance, ideally when the weather is better so the mavic can have a look too.

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Hi, I’m a new drone owner in Cheshire (not far from Jodrell Bank) looking for local places to fly.

@StevenPSCC Where did you take off for this video?

Thanks in advance,

I’m not 100% sure I was just driving around went under a railway bridge and parked up on a dirt track near a farm, not really familiar with the area.

Hey @mavictinks welcome to Grey Arrows, great to have you on board :+1:

And yet another member in the North West too, we’re gradually taking over :smiley:


Are there ever meet ups? I’m struggling to find places where I think I can fly so knowing where people fly would also be useful.


There will be!

We’re a new club so we’ve not done any yet, but roll on spring time!

Have you checked the map on for locations near you?

Ok well let me know and I’ll be there.

I did look at drone scene and the only place there is Jodrell Bank.


Always fancied doing somewhere like Jodrell Bank…I find the hardest thing is finding a suitable place to take off

Theres a few of us wanting to fly there :slight_smile:


Hey @Reuuc long time no see :slight_smile:

I’m pretty convinced we should have our first NW meet at Jodrell Bank in the spring time.

We could probably even get in touch with them and ask if they’d host us for the day. You never know :slight_smile:

Sunrises and sunsets there would make amazing photos, they might well accommodate us “out of hours” with no public around.

I’ll make some enquiries :+1:


I think approaching them would be a good idea.

Awesome video.

Is this a working radio telescope? I’d have thought they would be funny about people flying drones in the vicinity due to interference. Unless its after hours of course.