Just bought one of these

The plan, as if I ever had a plan, is to drop this into it -

I’d really like to get another Primo 11xx frame but after getting stung for import duty last time - that can sod off.

I’ve not even checked if the motors are of the right type to fit :slight_smile: and they may be a little underpowered @ 1103, (but they are 11000kv)

I’ll be using the same Avan Rush props as I have on the other Toothpick and GNB 2s 450’s (not HV) - I’m probably going to bung a Caddx Ratel in there too.

And I’ll be bunging the Avan Rush Tri-blades on it, (unbelievably quiet props) - I have these on the Primo - love 'em :+1:

Has anyone else tried the Ratel? I’m hoping for better low-light performance - for early evening time fun.

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I’m trying soooooooo hard not to get in to this FPV malarky… :see_no_evil:


Getting one to link to your ground station should be fun! :wink:


Do it. I’m more than happy to help you build something and learn to fly.

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Right - that first frame won’t take the 65mm props :man_facepalming:
(I should have read the description I suppose :rofl: )

So, I built this with the FullSpeed guts instead -

AUW 99g - a little heavy but super stable so far… I think it may need bigger motors than the 1103’s

I also appear to have fried one of the 1102’s (9000Kv) on the Primo so they need replacing too :man_facepalming:

I’m struggling to see what the difference is between different Kv ratings on the same size motor - does anyone have a layman’s guide to KV performance differences?

I’m looking at getting either 7000Kv or 8000Kv - will they really perform differently?

All advice welcome!

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Not really sure myself. I would assume it just has the higher rpm but a lower torque to match. Either top end so it can’t quite get the max rpm in an appreciable time, or acceleration torque.
I think this would be greatly affected by the prop pitch. I.e, a lower kv would perform better with an aggressive pitch, having the power to drive the prop better, but a lower top end speed.
A higher kv would be more suitable to a lower pitch. If they are the same size motors.
Maybe try to obtain the thrust curves vs prop vs current draw for the same size motors.
Or just say Eff it, and choose one :smile:

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