Just carving about a bit

All the chatter about the DJI FPV drone and seeing people on here getting excited about FPV has me hyped to get back out there for a fly. I hardly flew at all last year or much the year before I don’t think. I just looked and although I flew a bit since then this was the last proper FPV I bothered uploading to YouTube and it was 2018!


Time to get some new batteries on order I think mine are probably a bit tired.


That was some flying, amazed how the brain works so quickly.

Thanks - enjoyable.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t normally enjoy watching FPV stuff, but that was smooth. very well flown. :+1:

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Nice work. Be getting videos like this from. @ianinlondon soon.

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Stunning precision and smooth flying, especially through the gap in the trees, then a loop and back through the same gap again.
How many years of practice does it take to get that skilled?

That’s why i’m shit at flying them :crazy_face:

I don’t know really. I mean I’m not even remotely good at it compared to what you see some people doing. I’ve been flying RC stuff for the best part of 40 years which probably helps a little bit with this but really not so much. Can’t stress how much the sim is the best thing for learning this. If you got a good sim and just hammered it for an hour a day for a month or two you’d get the muscle memory to be able to do that.


So a base of 60 hours on a good SIM get you onto the second rung of the ladder :grin:

Nice powerloop. Can never get em right :laughing:

Nicely flown ! Sadly I don’t think my 61yo reflexes will ever be up to flying like that, though I am about to make my first foray into the FPV world ( if it ever stops raining/blowing a gale :frowning: )

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It’s so hard when you have nothing at the sides to tell you what’s happening so you just have to sort of time it. I’ve been upside down in those trees more than once.