Just done my first live feed to face book

I went up to Caton moor wind farm to get the sunset so decided to try the live stream feature of the GO4 app


I’m not on FB so can’t see that :confused:

If someone on FB could verify this?

The reason I ask…?

@stevesb could be the first person to claim the Live Streamer badge that’s been in existence for YEARS and nobody has yet earned.


Nope it dont work!!

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The badge remains unclaimed :grimacing:

Try now just made it public @Sparkyws Wayne.

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Yes i can confirm the video is live with 11 views :wink:

Even I can see the video now!

Without a FB account :smiley:

Congrats @stevesb on being our first ever Live Streamer badge claimant :bowing_man:t2:


Sorry was live!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I knew I was a bit special. Thanks.


Maybe I could be so lucky :crossed_fingers:

Did this on Sat afternoon around Tamworth

Ah just seen the post someone else did get to claim the badge first - oh well second is still a result :+1:


So a quick question for anyone following this thread, and maybe a little bit for @GADC_Committee as well. It might be nice to get some more live broadcasts on GADC. So far as I can see, you need at least 1000 subscribers to do that on YouTube, so Facebook will be an easier option for many. But how to find anyone to broadcast to? My suggestion is a “GADC Broadcasts” group on FB, either open to anyone, or by invitation if preferred. There’s an option to make the live feed shared to a Group rather than to anyone or just to friends.



While we fully support the idea, Grey Arrows Drone Club will not be supporting or endorsing any groups on Facebook.

Members are of course free to create any groups they wish on any platform they wish but must not use the Grey Arrows name or branding in any ventures without prior permission.

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Thought that might be the answer!

Just need to get subscribing to each other’s YT channels then, so we can get to 1000 subscribers each :rofl:

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Hmm. I may experiment on Facebook. Anyone interested in trialling a FB group to share and watch live drone broadcasts, PM me on here with your Facebook details.

Well, managed my first live stream on Facebook :+1:t2: but couldn’t figure out how to share it to a group rather than all my friends :-1:t2:

Got any proof?

There’s a badge in it for you :blush:

Available to FB friends only. @milkmanchris or @McSteamy2010 could find it on my FB timeline, if that’s sufficient. Or @Sparkyws.


I can vouch for @kvetner its Live

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