Just had a bust up

Quick question I was out today flying my Flywoo Firefly baby which comes in at a whopping 59g + 450g 3S battery when a guy started hassling me granted I was launching from what he quoted as his land to which I politely said that ok Ill go and sit in the boot of my car and carry on…

He then spouted a load of crap that I wasn’t aloud to fly over his building with out his consent. I pointed out the size of wot I was flying and explained im only flying round the carpark which he said is illegal and I would be arrested…

SO what are the rulings for FPV, are they the same as camera drones ??
And was I break any laws, after I moved and flew from the public road ??

Tell him to do one.

You should have a spotter. If anything, to tell him to do one whilst you carry on flying

Not sure if Im aloud but I left my 360go running whilst he was moaning so could post on here :wink: :rofl:

Allowed :rofl:

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:man_facepalming:t3: :man_shrugging:t3: still pissed off as I had to give my afternoon up due to some ass hole

You just need a spotter mate. If a landowner doesn’t want you there, go somewhere else.
You could waste a lot of time arguing the toss, but it’s not worth it. Just laugh and move on to the next spot.

Don’t get angry, its no fun


Start here @BigDog

It’s a long read…


I mean, technically he’s not wrong… but almost certainly not for the reasons he thought.

Pretty much, yes.

As well as the link @PingSpike has given, there’s also this handy chart that will confuse the socks off you :wink:

[Edit: deleted this bit to avoid confusion because I was talking pish about a 509g Firefly]

Also, as @notveryprettyboy says, you need a spotter for FPV flying, and they essentially need to be standing right next to you at all times.

It’s explained in plain(ish) English here (which includes a bit on spotters for FPV):

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Basically, yes. As Carl has stated, you also need a spotter to provide your VLOS but the rules about weights, registrations and where you can fly are the same.

This will fall into the whole debacle about how much airspace you need above your property in order to enjoy it. There is no real set height for this. With camera drones you’re generally quite high up and probably not photographing whatever is directly below anyway. With a tiny little 1S whoop, I’m guessing you’re probably a lot closer to the ground. Then there could be a difference depending on what “his land” is - are we talking about his garden or a bit of empty field miles from nowhere? :laughing:

I’m guessing “450g 3S” is a typo. That’s a chonking great battery for the Firefly to lift. :grin: I suspect 45g is nearer the mark. :wink:

Think this was a typo Joe, Im sure he meant 45g battery.
Would be interesting watching a tiny 59g quad trying to lug around a 450g battery. Would need some serious thrust to weight ratio :laughing:

Ahhh… that would make more sense. :joy:

Note to self - engage brain in future :wink:

Pretty sure we’ll get Joe flying fpv, then he’ll be breaking every rule in the land :star_struck:

I suspect he is saying the same to his Mrs :laughing:

@Hotrodspike 8-1

Honestly, I don’t have the reflexes for it. I’d be the most frustrating FPV pilot ever, slow as a Sunday-morning driver :wink:

Does anyone know of a free PDF to word convertor ??

450 mAh :+1:t3:

Here’s one (of many):


@PingSpike - Thanks for that. I’ve been looking for that for ages without success. Amazing what you get on GADC🤣

This is a better one than the one’s Iv found but I dont have Word on this PC …