Just joined from Chippenham, Wilts

I am pleased to join fellow UK’ ers and maybe even some in Wiltshire.
Ive only had my Mavic Pro for a couple of weeks and am not yet familiar with everything, but what an awesome thing it is!
So looking forward to learning more about how to gly and especially the photography bit.
Time and weather is the msin issue!

Look forward to meeting you sometime

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Hi @chrissyb and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

I think the weather is keeping us all grounded at the moment :disappointed_relieved:

My only bit of advice would be ‘slow and steady inputs’. Don’t make massive joystick inputs, keep things nice and slow while you get to grips with it.

The technology in the Mavic is just mind blowing, it’s a phenomenal piece of equipment :+1:

Thanks Ping Spike. So much to learn yes, but getting to grips and watching a few u tube vids too.

Welcome to the grey arrows forum enjoy !

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Welcome to the club, @chrissyb. You’re right, the Mavic Pro is an awesome bit of kit. We look forward to helping you get to grips with it.

Is that you catching some air in your profile pic @chrissyb?? :open_mouth:

Thats me! At Daymer Bay Cornwall about 8 years ago.

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Great hobby! Must be bloody freezing in that water though! :surfing_man:t2: