Just Lost my first Drone!

No, I didn’t force close the app. I always land when I have been using the GO4 app and then start the Maven app, ensure a good connection (battery, satellites etc) and then take off manually to get the drone up to at least 50ft before starting the waypoint mission.

This is going to be bad procedure on my part, isn’t it? :weary:


For anyone who’s interested, here’s the Maven Waypoint mission. It’s not showing any satellites etc because its a screen grab from indoors.

You can see that the signal stopped before it had completed the outward leg of the mission, around Waypoint 4 I think.

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Here’s an update on the whole “don’t have the DJI app open at the same time as the Maven App”. I contacted the developer and just got this back from him.

Hi, sorry for late answer,

there’s no need to close DJI app (you can keep on or off, no problem, you can swith between app during flight , no problem, of course not really safe while an automatic function is running)

So, it’s back to the drawing board over why this happened.

This is an update on the whole “Moonrock Drone Insurance” claim.

After filling in and submitting what seemed like a meaningless form to start the claim, I was contacted by the Moonrock MD on Monday to tell me that he gave me the wrong link and could I do it all again and then submit to a diffent address.

I was on day 1 of a bike tour at the time and had limited access to the internet, but I manged to get a connection, filled out the form all over again (this time it seemed to actually reference a drone claim) and then submitted it.

Since that I have heard nothing from them. Not even a confirmation that I have submitted a claim.

I am really not impressed with this experience and at the moment wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Here’s another update on my Moonrock Drone Insurance Claim. One week and a day after having to resubmit my claim, and following an email to the MD of Moonrock on Saturday, I have finally received a confirmation of my claim from one of the Moonrock underwriters, Sedgwich International.

It simply asked me to confirm my home address so they can “forward the claim to their drone claim specialists”. At this point they have now provided a claim reference number.

So, over two weeks after the drone loss, that’s them just beginning to look at it now.

At this point I am convinced that I am in the hands of people who don’t know what they are doing. I think it would have been less hassle to have renewed care refresh direct from DJI, or the similar offering from Heliguys.

The Spidery Web of Insurance Companys.

I emailed Simon Ritterband earlier today and asked for some clarification on how these different insurance elements link together. He replied with the following;

Just to help up better understand the process, Moonrock Drone Insurance are the brokers that sell the insurance and MunichRe are the insurance company that actually insure the drone. Sedgwick are a third party that handles the claims on behalf of MunichRe.

With regards the actual claim, MunichRe have in place a partnership with an authorized DJI repair and replacement centre. Therefore your drone will be assessed, repaired to manufacturers standards or replaced. I’m unable to give you a time line on this, however I can assure you now that we have informed MunichRe of the delay, the claim will be processed immediately.

It’s no wonder that insurance is so expensive if they have to go through this many third-parties :confounded:

An update on this Moonrock Claim.

I contacted them again on Friday for an update. Have been told that they are now waiting for a “Replacement or Repair” quote from Drone Doctor. That seems to be the authorized DJI vendor they use for all drone work.

It’s now two weeks on from the drone loss and I am getting increasingly nervous about what they are going to come back with next given that the Mavic 2 Zoom is no longer in production.

What would you like to get out of it ?

I suspect you’re right… but I think it’s worked in your favour so I wouldn’t complain too loudly :wink:

According to your flight logs, this was your take-off point and you lost the drone ¾km past those trees at a maximum altitude of 46m. Honestly, if the person assessing your claim knew what they were doing you’d have had to answer some pretty awkward questions about VLOS.


I completely get your point. Thank’s for putting me right on this one, looks like I am still learning from the experience.

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