Just opened the box - Help!

Hi I am a complete newbie and just opened the box on my Hubsan X4 AIR.
What do I do and where can I fly learn to fly around North Suffolk/ South Norfolk
(Without it costing me £800).

Any comments appreciated!

Hi, I’d recommend you join a local model flying club where you’d probably find other drone flyers and most importantly someone experienced enough to take you under their wing.


I’d advise you to watch as many YouTube videos as you can on that model of the drone.

Not sure if that model requires a manual calibration before every flight but if it does, that’s quite important to get right.


As above… and

Don’t start the drone indoors, its the quickest way to crash it.


Thanks Njoro,
Doesn’t seem to be much near me in Suffolk.
I’ll check out Norfolk.

Thanks SkyDonkey,
Soooooo tempting, it is just sat there laughing at me. I wanted to show it who was the boss.
Your right with your good advice, but once more … sooooo tempting!

I’ll resist … honest!

Will do TassyWass!

I appreciate the advice.

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Hi John,
Just seen your post, I am from Norwich ,so, not a million miles from you.
Anytime you want a few pointers, I will be only to pleased to help.
I have helped several of “The Norfuk Boys” get aloft and fly their drones.
Anytime you feel like a trip to “Norwich” let me know.
I too am retired now so time is my own.
I have a large Park just “up the rood” from me, which has a Big open space for you to play with !.
Just let me know.


Hi Chris,
Thank you for replying, really appreciate you taking time out to guide me.
As you probably know I am also retired & my wife would like me out from under her feet.

Just wondering where I can learn to fly without flashing blue lights & men in uniforms carrying me away!

I have transport so where would you recommend I fly around Norwich?

Hi John,
Let me know when is a good time for you.
Remember most of the Broads are good to fly, you just have to be aware of Bird Sanctuaries in our/your area. I am available most every evening (I find that, and, early morning the best time to fly, less people about) but, with the Kids at school the park is still quiet during the day.
As I said I my last post :trumpet: I have a very big park near me (Eaton Park) which has very big playing field which is good to fly and practice.
I have met many new members from GADC there who are from the area, and given them the basics of flying, so they feel comfortable to be able to go out and fly their drone on their own.
Just let me know, and I will make myself available.
In the meantime I suggest you trawl Youtube and look for videos about your drone, so you understand the controls,etc

By the way, cannot see how Waveney Council can stop you flying !.
They may own the land, but “The CAA” own the airspace above it !. period ! ,but ,if you take off from a Public Area, pathway, road, they cannot stop you !.

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Thank you Chris,
I would like that.

Being retired I am flexible, being able to do almost any day.
Any preferences?

How does Friday Morning at 10 am sound?.
That will give the traffic time to calm down.

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Thanks Chris,
That sounds great.
I really appreciate your help.

Where shall I meet you at 10 on Friday?

I will PM (Personal Message ) you


Ok Chris,
I am such a newbie … how do I send/receive a personal message?

You should see a green circle with a number in the middle at the top rhs near the magnifying glass, to the left of your pink “B”

delete the above john !

Well, met John at the Local Park here in Norwich.
After a few minutes got his Hubsan to lock on sats,etc.
After a few tweaks got him into the air!.
Taught him the controls and ,he was away to the sky!.
He burned off one battery moving around the field, and never crashed!.
After a while we went back to my car and I got the Mavic Air out for him to have a buzz round.
I think he noticed how stable this little beast was.
We had a good long chat and John then headed back home.
Hope John that you found our couple of hours flying was useful, and that you will get out and about with your drone, at every opportunity, look around Beccles for riverside flight areas.