Just passsed my PfCO with UAV8

Just done my PfCO with UAV8 in Ipswich.

UAV8 is made up of serving and retiered Army Air Corp. Apatche Pilots who are all Apatch Instructors.
Who better then them as your instructors. Plus with thier Army Instructor skills, the course was fantastic fun and very well put together.
I would stongly recommend they are the ones, all other trainers should be compared against and if so alll the others will be found wanting

If you are planning or thinking of doing your PfCO then UAV8 should be your first point of call.


What’s the cost?

Congrats @greenjob :clap:t2:

I see you’ve joined the rather select group of folk sporting the PfCO Certified badge on their profiles :+1:t2:

According to their website, it’s £695+VAT