Just topped 100,000

I popped my 100,000 cherry at the weekend :blush:


Nice one. I have been flying mine every second I can get since I got it when I’m not diving, and before and after work…this was after today in the field:


Whoa :open_mouth:

Great work :smiley:

I’ve always wondered what factors go into the value score… any ideas apart from the obvious times flown and distance?

comparing my score with @JayForceOne our total flight times are very different… but total flights are the same (bar one)

edit: my distance from Feet into miles works out at 95 miles… crazy to think I’ve flown enough to almost fly to Birmingham from where I live :open_mouth:

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Interesting point… there must be a formula that takes a few factors in to account?

I’d love to know what they are. At the moment it just seems a random made up number.

the only thing I can see that is similar in mine and @JayForceOne is our total flight number … hmmm

Oops, the height of my last fight must be wrong… :smiley:

Obviously not all on my mavic (only had it a week). 417,000m, of which 242,000 were on my I2. Only 17,000 on the Mavic so far, but that should increase fairly quickly!


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Just behind you on score @PingSpike
I dunno how they add things up though, weve done near enough the same flight time.

Check out my footprints though :smiley::smiley:

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Hi @dancarpy not seen you about for a while :+1:

Amazing footprints, they should carry far more weight than just a local flight eh?? I’ve only ever left the country once in my entire life, I’m not likely to expand my footprints :blush:

And @Jcborden I couldn’t help but notice you appear to have six pages worth of drone stats that you can swipe through there?!???

Well, I’ve had a few drones lol:

  • Phantom 3, 4K

  • Phantom 3 professional

  • Inspire 1 (aapears twice in Go for some reason)

  • Inspire 2

  • Mavic Pro

Plus a number of racing drones, but only have the Mavic and racing drones now…

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Lol, that’ll explain it then :smiley: :+1:

Yea I’ve just been busy with work and stuff so not had my Mavic up for a while especially with the crap weather at the minute. Flew my wizard x220 last weekend after finally fixing/upgrading a few things.
I’ve been having a nosey on here but just not inputting much :grin: