Gopro are pretty much giving away the Karma at the moment.

£599 for a Hero 6, karma grip and karma drone.

Might be good for anyone after a Hero 6 and grip as the drone is basically free.

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Looks like £999 here

Put it in the basket and it drops to £599

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2017 karma grip is £279 on Amazon and Hero 6 Black £382.

So total of £661 for grip and Hero 6.

Ok that worked but why would I need to when I have a drone already? With camera attached that does the same job

You don’t need to.

It was for anyone that was thinking of buying a Hero6 and grip anyway.

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Er?, try £1,049 guys, unless I need to go to “Specsaver”


Could have swore that was £1,049 when I looked !!, me f@@kin eyes aren’t that bad Jeff !!

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Not to surprised as the Hero 7 has been ‘leaked’ as about to launch.
I keep thinking of selling my Karma flight kit as not flown it in a while, it’s a shame GoPro didn’t invest enough in it.

It’s like everything sometimes you chase for something to improve what’s already right in front of you

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Lock me up, please! me eyes are going
GoPro “Fusion” £700, I should co co, could buy a Mantis Q cheaper !!!

You mean to say Andy, it has not dropped out of the sky …yet !:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Did you not get a re-call and refund?

I got mine after the recall, after they fixed the issue and relaunched the product, I have never had a problem with it. It’s just a bulky thing to transport in its big backpack.

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Are right!, my mate got a free camera, etc out of his re-call !!