Ken Heron TNL appearance

Got my Ironbridge cooling towers video shown on Ken Heron’s TNL last night. :smiley:
1hr 15min 11secs in…

Towers are still up but should be coming down in the next few weeks.

Are you going to arrange a flying party for the day they come down? :grinning:

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They’re coming down next Friday 6th December at 11am!!

350 metre exclusion zone in place.

DAMN! I’m working that day :frowning:
I’ve circled 2 good vantage points to launch from out of the exclusion zone for anyone that can make it there on the day.

Can’t you pull a sickie? This is a special event.

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Have you had any thoughts on logging a GADC ‘meet-up’ for this demolition on Friday?
I’m keen, booked the day of work and raring to go :crazy_face:
Your northerly suggestion spot would seem to give the best view and sun should be high enough not to cause an issue.
The southerly spot would put sun behind us but the trees might obscure view even though we are high looking down
Are you familiar with the area? if so and you have better suggestions please shout me down! :joy:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t get the day off so I’m out of this one :frowning:
You’re right about the Southernmost one, quite high trees. We went up there a few weeks ago and walked all through the woods trying to find a takeoff point. Best place would’ve been in the field on the south side but was quite wet when we went.
Regarding the northernmost location, just off Coalbrookdale Road… see pic

Gutted I can’t make it.

@Steviegeek What a difference a day makes! I’ll be there on Friday. :+1:

Great !
Are you going to post in the meet-up section or do you want me to?
I was thinking we could get to SJ 66210 04104 by foot and that’s pretty close but still outside the 350m EZ
What do you reckon??


Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Footpaths are going to be closed :frowning:

Seriously, even outside the EZ :open_mouth:
Mardy bu@@ers, how are the public expected to see this historic event :anguished:
So can we get off the Coach Road, just before the start of FP10, and walk across country ?

Chap who works for the council is giving me info on West Midlands Drone Club
At the moment it looks like most likely place could be at the back of Castle Green Cemetery.
Not affected by road closures, there’s parking and has great altitude. Only trouble is it’s quite a way away from the action.
My brain hurts now. Off to bed.

Looks like you’re going to have some airspace company :slight_smile:

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Not surprised!
There’ll be official filming by demolition company and probably press/TV as well.

We need to establish GADC-TV !

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There’s another booked flight space now

@Steviegeek that’s me, the one top right just outside the NOTAM area :slight_smile:

Oh, @Steviegeek you mean the one that says “Leisure Flight CAA Registered” ??
Well, we should all be! Maybe he’s one of these that thinks he’s got a PfCO now because he sat a quick test and paid £9 lol

What’s your plan? take-off and move in ?? but only up to 350mtrs :slightly_smiling_face:

My plan (such as it is) is to launch the P4 & MPP and hit record HAHA
There are some woods a bit closer where crowds of people wouldn’t gather so should be a safe place to hover