Ken Heron TNL appearance

The flight reports are growing by the day… going to be busy skies over that neck of the woods @Steviegeek :smiley:

And that’s just the people brave enough to declare it :rofl:

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True, Oh so true :innocent:

I’m taking a huge thermos of coffee and a picnic in case it’s delayed a few hours due to pillocks flying in the exclusion zone.

Waiting… patiently :slightly_smiling_face:

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Andy Cortez cant get on to this site yet. But he said if anyone wants to know where he is, it here

You’re not alone :rofl:

I’m here
Good view but getting public busy

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Hi Karl
How is he doing?
R u with him?

I’m not there. Have to work at home, and my drone isn’t really suitable. Waiting for a lovely video tonight!

This patch is getting busy so might not be responsibly to launch
About to negotiate a patch of private land behind me
Bit windy also, might have to settle for land shot video :rage:

Go to where @AndyCortez is.

OK now In private grounds of big house behind where I was
Very nice guy, most helpful :+1:


Going to be streamed live youtube

Not mine…

I heard this guy🙂
1st prize for the loudest, screamyist drone in the sky :joy::joy:

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Great wide shot from where I was :rofl:


Lovely, great framing and nicely edited this afternoon
Excellent :+1: :+1: :clap: :clap:
My drone attempt was disatstrous, details to follow :rage: :rage: :rage:

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As the place I was standing started to fill up (must have got to a few hundred) I managed permission to go into a private garden.
There was a media crew there do to do a live stream but they lost their 2.4G link and thought I was to blame. :anguished:
By the time I was given the all-clear and started to take-off the bloody towers came down :open_mouth:
Apparently not all the warning hooters sounded and it happened about 3 minutes sooner than scheduled…
Fortunately I had the Nikon running since 10to11 so have some good land footage

You’ve probably realised I’m an amateur at this stuff :joy: :joy:

Great that @AndyCortez got a good flight.


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Unlucky man. So what if you’re equipment interfered with their live stream. Who do they think they are, royalty?

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My bad decision really
I was trying to be the nice guy to the people who had let me on their land and shot myself in the foot.
You’d think that at my age I’d have learnt :thinking: