KIds GPS Watch as a cheap tracker

There’s a lot of kids GPS watches on Amazon - has anyone used one for their drone?

Might be a cheap option rather than the more expensive options.

Kids GPS watch

That watch seems to be ok. Thanks for the tip mate :wink:

For the same money you can get a dedicated tracker which as well as tracking via data can also track via SMS. Just send a text to the trackers number and it will reply with a Google maps link.
SOS button on unit that when pressed dials your chosen number allowing 2 way communication with whoever found it.
Better battery life, unit uses very little power as not running OS etc.
And mounts for the mavic and phantom are available on eBay or to print.

One I use is a RF-V16 if you are interested. Cost me £18 for tracker, £1 for sim and £10 O2 top-up.

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Very nice! Will have to check that one out, always thought they were too expensive.