Thought I check my kindle for the app DJI JO 4, not there but it does controllers for the Air and the Spark, shame would have been nice having a bigger screen…anyone here using a kindle??

I don’t know much about the Kindle tablet, but it’s Android under the skin, right?

Can you side-load apps?

If so, then you can (easily?) grab any version of GO4 you like from somewhere like


Do you mean the ereader or the Fire tablet? The former was around before Android so I don’t think uses the os.

Yes it android and it the fire yes

I So will the controller app for the air and the spark work for the pro…

You can follow the easy steps on the following link to install the google play store and frameworks onto a kindle fire…

Once this is done you can use the play store to download the DJI go app.

The kindle isn’t in the DJI supported devices list, but I have read that a number of people have got it working really well, I’m going to give it a go myself I think on my HD8.

One thing to remember is that the kindle doesn’t have GPS. This isn’t a major problem as the Home point will be set by the Mavics GPS, but you won’t be able to update during flight to the location of the remote like you can with a GPS enabled device.


I have just got home and tested this (I havent been for a flight yet) and can confirm that the DJI go app seems to work OK, on a Kindle Fire HD8.

I already had the google play store setup (a must on these tablets in my opinion, as you are very limited on the amazon app store). I installed the DJI go app, connected the kindle to the controller (via the full size USB port on the bottom of the Mavic air remote) and loaded the app. Signed in OK, and went to the live view mode. Video quality seems very good, and there was no noticeable lag or dropouts on the video feed.

My only problem for testing it properly is that i dont have a tablet mount for the remote, and the kindle is too big to fit in :frowning: . Might pick one up off eBay and try a test flight though, as i was debating an iPad Mini 4 as a dedicated flying device, but if this does the job I may use the Kindle instead.

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I am trying right now and can’t seem to get it right, I downloaded some stuff as goggle play was not in stalled but can’t seem to get it … getting too old for all this tech stuff hahahaha

My post above has got a step by step guide with screenshots and the links to all the files you need

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Great job!

Thanks for sharing @Andy - this opens up even more opportunities for dedicated flying tablets :+1:

I guess I am have trouble bcoz mine is not the HD I did find the enablement but not under security but application, and I have installed what you said but still can’t get it right lol, left it for the comp wiz kid next door haha

@gibo what kindle is it exactly? Few people saying they dont recommend using them due to the low hardware spec compared to other devices, so you may struggle depending on what model of Kindle it is. I think some of the models also have an older version of Android installed, which will not support the DJI GO App.

It’s the kindle fire not the HD , next door also tried, he has a kindle fire too but was unable to install, you may be right it may not be up good anyway I remember using for some online game and the lag was terrible… tell you what guy next door has bought tablet been reduced in Tesco to £60 he recon it’s pretty good… maybe worth passing the news about