Kirkstall Abbey

Enjoy :wink:




Lovely camera work.

We’re you tempted to fly through one of the bigger window opening :slight_smile:

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I Have. It was a bit windy then and i couldn`t get it right smoth straight :confused:

Very nice Si.
All the times I’ve driven past, never realised how big it is.
Might pop over and have a fly round myself.
Cheers for posting.

The Abbey falls within Leeds airport no fly zone, and it’s next to a busy main road. Should we be flying in such places?

Hmm, Drone Assist says No (class D airspace as well as road, power lines etc)!

Perfectly legal to fly in class D airspace if under 20kg.

You must be 5km from airport, must be satisfied you can carry out the flight safely and must maintain visual contact.

That’s it.

Edit - it might actually be 7kg, can’t quite remember.

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I thought it was 7kg … but that’s pretty much splitting hairs with the things we fly.

Edit: LOL! :wink:

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I knew it was either 7 or 20 lol. You must have been typing that right as I edited.


Yup - I posted and your edit appeared immediately afterwards … hence my edit. :stuck_out_tongue:

7/20 … I’ll check which when I get something that large.

Just checked and it is actually 6km away so no clearance required…

The rules are actually pretty good in our favour. As long as your 5km from airport and follow drone code your sorted.

Ì am surprised ! What about it being a public place? Could all this change soon with the new government rules?

If it was within the Leeds- Bradford airport airspace then it wouldn`t allow me to fly there

It is a public place Youre right. I wouldnt dare flying there later during any day, when full of people. I went there Sunday 7am, so i didnt bother anyone (apart from birds ) ;). I should really ask someone for the permission to fly there but... there wasnt anyone to ask :wink:

The Leeds airspace goes much further.
This shows their controlled airspace … LEEDS-BRAD CTR - SFC-FL85 … that is from the ground surface up to Flight Level 85 (appx 8,500ft depending on air pressure), and Kirkstall Abbey is very much well within this!

THEN we have the DJI built in No-Fly Zones that are their attempt to prevent people from flying where they shouldn’t. But this is by no means a exhaustive list of all local (let alone temporary!) restrictions. It’s a simplistic approach that’s applied globally based on airport size, and not much more. Most importantly, it does not ensure you are flying legally.

THEN you have national air legislation that, as far as we are concerned, is the one we have to comply with. In this respect, Kirkstall Abbey is legal.

It’s confusing, for sure, and the cause of many disagreements on the matter.

thanks for the explanation. I was usually looking at dji app to see if i`m in no fly zone.

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Great video! Love the transitions from slow to fast to slow. Great tree shot from above!

Thank You :blush::blush: