Kite Surfing at Perranporth, Cornwall 12/6/22

4K drone footage of a trip yesterday evening to Perranporth as the sun was going down, & was lucky enough to be able to film a kite surfer for some great shots. A shame about some of the sand “art” though 🤣😲


LOVE this kind of land/sea straight-down shot. :+1:

Another great vid that makes me wish I lived in Cornwall.#Envious


Many thanks again. It is so beautiful a county :+1::+1:

Another cracker Jeremy :clap: :clap: :clap:

You certainly live in a very beautiful part of the UK :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thanks very much. I’m very lucky to live here :+1:

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He must have been surfing in relatively shallow water, seeing the mini breaking patterns of the waves.

Fantastic shots though, superb job.

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Thanks very much

Great video, as Kitesurfer myself this guy is in really shallow water it’s wonder he didn’t wipe out :surfing_man:.

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Thanx very much. He did come off a few times :joy::joy:

I would come off MANY times … per minute … before the kite was off the deck.

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Inspiring :pray::+1::movie_camera:

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Great video, haven’t been there for 30 + years, used to be deserted.
It’s certainly changed.

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Many thanx

A great video, my favourite place since 1960’s camping on Perron Sands at the edge of the cliff, a time when the surf was packed and the lone lifeguard rescued many who got into trouble. A trip to Cornwall from Ashby in those days could take 12 hours by car. How much it’s changed since then, I did take a quick look on a day trip at the height of the lockdown, wasn’t allowed to stay overnight. You have set me off now, I just received my DJI mini 3 pro and never flown before except for RC gliders from Perranporth cliffs. I’m going to have to come back. Thank you

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Certainly not deserted now :joy:

Many thanks for the kind words. I’m sure you’ll love the Mini 3 Pro. I have the Mini 2 but mainly use the Air 2S. Looking forward to seeing your flights :slight_smile:

My first trip out is going to be next week, my kids and grandkids will be camping in Abersoch Wales. They are water sports mad so that will probably be my first project. A Perranporth day trip is a bit more difficult due to unpredictability of the wind, I have visions of the road between Perranporth and Newquay where hedges don’t grow vertical but lean to the East

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