Kuula - upload tip

New to Kuula this week, I posted a few panos using the ‘upload’ button from DJI Fly to my PC. It’s much better to use the files off the SD card as I discovered afterwards, the ‘upload’ button only sends a low-res cached copies from the app. :slightly_frowning_face: You live and learn. Hopefully this will prevent someone else making the same mistake.

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I am not sure what is sent to Google photos - I notice that images appear their automatically - so I guess these are low resolution ones as well.

Not even sure how I set that option up!

But I guess if they are then I will need to delete them and then re-upload from my HDD version.

I seem to remember recently… Within 4 months? That Google has changed the upload type to high/higher res… Can’t check right now…

My problem is leaving the high Res fileson the drone’s card after copying to my HD. Good job I tend not to fill it up all the time, in one session.:roll_eyes:

Trying to find the easiest way, I uploaded the pano from the app to my pc, reasoning that I wouldn’t have to bother stitching all the individual photos together by doing it like that. While that method worked, I noticed that when I put them on Kuula the resolution didn’t look quite right so I tried using the SD card photos (stitched using DJI Media Maker) and the difference was noticeable. It involves a couple of extra steps but the boost in picture quality is well worth it. :smiley:

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