KwaZulu Natal- on the beach


I know it well, family was in Durban North, visited here many times.

Did you get to the Sharks Board when you visited?

Great…yes my parents had an apartment in Umhlanga Rocks for many years …often visited during Xmas holidays. Good to visit again on business

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I have some footage of the pier and lighthouse…as I stayed over at Oyster Box Hotel

That was my next question, do you have any of the area around the lighthouse

Great !! Just seen this and was talking to Chris about it on another post. Brings back loads of memories - I spent a lot of time on that coastline as a “Vaalie” (from the Transvaal holidaying in Durban). Looks rather grey and stormy out to Sea…

Yes likewise…we lived in the northern suburbs- Sandton and frequent trips down to Durbs for long weekends and December hols

Again sorry…pretty wet summer in KWZ Natal this year!

As you can see it’s pretty built up now in UR


Just slightly, first time I visited was in 1989 and ashamedly I’ve not been back since 2003 but wow it’s got bigger

Nice one!! Too many apartments now - we used to stay at Cabana beach occasionally in fact I remember staying there when John Lennon was killed - Dec 12th 1980. Bloody hell :weary: I’m getting old…

Haha…I was living in Joburg then

Yeah me too - On Northcliff Hill - we were only in UR on Holiday !!

Yep remember cresta and Northcliff well…used to play ten pin there lol

Aah the memories!! Those were definitely the salad days… :sunglasses: