Lack of DJI Smart Controller stock

Just tried to buy smart controller from Heliguy, seems a total lack of availability in UK. Enquired about this to DJI, their response was that they have no stock within the current period and do not know when the smart controller will be available. Perhaps there will be a new smart controller, or are they waiting to see what controllers are about to be released for other drone manufacturers.

A new DJI SC could well be on the cards as the current one is quite long in the tooth now.

If they use the 7.95 display from their CrystalSky running at 2000nits they’ll have a winner on their hands.

What DJI won’t be doing, is waiting to see what anyone else does :blush: It’d take them another year to scope, spec, build and ship. It’d be out of date before it landed :slight_smile:

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@keo they’re in stock at Very:

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Thanks for info.

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