Lack of DJI Smart Controller stock

Just tried to buy smart controller from Heliguy, seems a total lack of availability in UK. Enquired about this to DJI, their response was that they have no stock within the current period and do not know when the smart controller will be available. Perhaps there will be a new smart controller, or are they waiting to see what controllers are about to be released for other drone manufacturers.

A new DJI SC could well be on the cards as the current one is quite long in the tooth now.

If they use the 7.95 display from their CrystalSky running at 2000nits they’ll have a winner on their hands.

What DJI won’t be doing, is waiting to see what anyone else does :blush: It’d take them another year to scope, spec, build and ship. It’d be out of date before it landed :slight_smile:

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@keo they’re in stock at Very:

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Thanks for info.

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Open a new credit account for 10% off your first order too

Did you get one in the end @keo ?

Just bought a Mini 2 to go with my Air 2, but have been reading about some issues with Mini 2 and Smart Controller, plus will have to save again. But will be buying one next month. Seems there still is a lack of them at moment. Thanks for your help. Very seem to have a problem dispatching products to Northern Ireland at the minute.

Good to hear you got another drone :slight_smile:

I think the only problems with the Smart Controller and the Mini 2 are when you are switching between drones. A few of our members have reported this as an issue :confused:

Just the SC and the Mini 2 on its own are fine, but there seems to be some kind of pairing problem when changing drones at the moment. Hopefully DJI will sort it soon.

Shout if you can’t find stock in the future, a lot of members here are quite resourceful!

Seems oos everywhere.

Struggling to always see on my phone, so looking at alternatives.

Maybe a new SC is due or perhaps a Ipad Mini 5 (which is also due to be replaced) or just keep using the phone.

All I know is if I did source and buy it, then the day after DJI will release something :joy:

If anyone is still after a DJI Smart Controller the Amazon UK have four left in stock, next day delivery available on Prime.

Scalpers price though at £799 currently :grimacing:


Wow daylight robbery!

Well I thought I’d buy one but as said it’s zero stock. Put a pre-order in with Clifton Cameras £569 with a memory card thrown in. They are expecting stock early November.

Having read the rumours on here in recent days about a possible new controller I have now cancelled the order :weary:

Was cancelling wise? :thinking:

The new v2 smart controller may not be backwards compatible with existing drones.

Only one left in stock at Amazon now!

I can find a few places with bundles in stock, Mavic 2 Pro + SC, and a Air 2S + SC, but no sign of any SCs on their own.

I suppose I did panic a bit but my reasoning was:

  • Perhaps the lack of stock is because the new controller will be backwards compatible and so the effort is being put into production of v2.

  • I didn’t want to buy v1 if this will be the case, only to see the price of v1 drop. If not backwards compatible then I’ll reinstate my order.

I really wanted it now as I’m going on holiday in a weeks time!!

Do you want it badly enough to pay £799? :thinking:

No! Especially as the price might drop when v2 does come out.

Is there any reason you think that it wouldn’t be backwards compatible?

I’ve posted some in the relevant thread over here: DJI Smart Controller v2

Thanks PingSpike, I think think it was what you posted that made me think. I also thought I read somewhere that the new controller might have a larger screen.