Lake District Drone-aholic seeks group help!


Hi all, I’m Kevin and I am a drone-aholic. :hugs: I’ve been invited to join by my ebay buddy MementoMori. I live in the Lake District which, (despite numerous heated discussions with National Trust Rangers who don’t know the regs), remains one of the best non commercial places to fly in the England.

There really isn’t a better way to see the lake district without either paragliding or risking a mid-air collision with low flying RAF hotshots hell bent on scaring the daylights out of cruise boat passengers (not jealous honest :smirk:). Hopefully I’ll be able to share my travels and exploits and post stuff for you kind peeps something you might enjoy.


Hello and welcome Kevin.
I see you found your way after all then :smile:


Aye, I should know better than to try to do anything before my first Red Bull :rofl:


Hi Kevin
Welcome to the madhouse @MementoMori will vouch for us being a bit weird
I live in bolton but have been known to travel for a meet up so if you have a site of exceptional flying count me in (weather permitting)and see your collection of drones



Hi Jeff, thanks so very much and I’d love to get together for a spot of flying when the weather starts to improve. We could alwsys start with somewhere like Bolton Abbey (i know its not Bolton Bolton but closer than Prestwick lol). I’ve always wanted to fly the place before the tourist numpties arrive!


We had a plan to go earlier in the year but is a bit English heritage no fly cause we say so and there’s no real place to take off legally :weary:
We did ribblehead viaduct instead


As you have a PfCO and insurance, you can apply for permission from them, if granted usual CAA stuff applies and any airborne ops had to be done when the site is shut… So there is definitely hope there, dont give up yet lol. I’ve yet to take mine, hopefully next year fingers crossed. Really fancy the Ribblehead, especially if steam trains are running


Will keep an eye out for that would love to do that again


Ok they are running steam on 1st and 15th June and 28th September will remind people and see who else wants to go
2019 schedule


totally up for that, 100%, one of those omg locations :grin:


Welcome to Grey Arrows @Skandio :wave:t2:

Great to have another northerner on board!

Just read your (excellent) profile too, great write up mate :+1:t2:

I’m sure we will, look forward to seeing and hear more about them :slight_smile:



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Hi, thanks for comment, much appreciated and thank you for the warm welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m actually a southerner living up north, spent a lot of life in Great Yarmouth lol.


Great Yarmouth … south?
It’s on a latitude north of Birmingham … and that’s not in “The South” :wink:


Lol, ah but was born on the south coast, and that prevents me from being a carrot cruncher!!


Have you got a light boy…


Na, the correct Norfolk dialect is:
'Hev Yew Gotta Loight Boy"
I should know !!
Great Yarmouth is 24 miles to my EAST.
And Lowestoft just DOWN the Coast
is the most Easterly Point in Great Britain


Oi can see ers goewin awl rarng boi.


nort see nutin like ert! Me trak’er need bitta werk tow