Lake District footage - Helvellyn

I was flying in the clouds ,probably it is not good idea ? , I had some problem with drone ,but every think was fine :slight_smile: Max altitude was 120 m. I hope somebody see some interesting view . Greetings!!


Very nice! Perfect music accompaniment, too! :+1:

Love the mist rolling over the ridge @ 1:50. :ok_hand:

This also adds the Misty Moments Badge to your profile.

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Thanks for your words !!! I really appreciate it !!I love when is lot of clouds around me :slight_smile: Greetings !!!

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Really enjoyed that, thanks for posting. The music works really well too :+1:

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It’s unwise, I reckon. You can get military traffic down to 250ft agl and they might be skimming the tops of the clouds for a short time.

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I have flown my drone at the sumit of Helvellyn. Like most fell tops, finding the conditions to fly can be most challenging due to wind at the sumit and up draughts from the mountain sides. Have carried my drone to many fell tops, only to be unable to fly, due to high winds…

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Thanks you !! Greetings!!

It is first and last time I think . Thanks for response …

making footage in mountains is what I like to do as well :slight_smile: Before I only walking but now I start use a drone :slight_smile:

Hi, flying in mountains can be spectacular and should be OK providing your stick to 120m max rules & maintain visual line of sight at all times. All other drone code rules would also apply, so do not overfly people and be aware the presence of military aircraft which frequently fly in this area (The Thirlmere Valley) On the day prior to your flight you can call 0800 515544 as ask what military flights are scheduled to take place on that day.
Useful links:

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Thanks for the info and links :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that the day before is not going to give you the full picture. Many routes are changed on the day of the flight, depending on weather, aircraft availability, NOTAMS etc . . . You’ll only know when a flight is definitely taking place in a certain place just before they walk to the aircraft. It used to be my job, you see.

On the positive side, there are far fewer low-level military flights these days, but Sod’s Law . . .


Thanks for the correction, much appreciated, Les