Lake Windermere

Finally got out with my mavic pro yesterday, hardly got any time with it lately either due to weather, or just busy!


Beautiful scenic video, love the snow capped hills in the background

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Thanks Steven, it was a really nice day with hardly any wind for a change!

I swear by those landing pads, mine goes everywhere with me :+1:

Loved the snow covered mountains too, and the panning around the boat!

Was that speeded up in post?

Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes, A bit of speed up and slow down, or i find i end up having to cut too much out. That was my first half decent effort to get a moving object…its harder than people make it look, so was quite pleased with it …after the edit :):wink:

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Looked great mate!

I was going to be blown away by your flying skills if that boat clip was in real time :smiley:

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