Landed 2 drones in the boot of the car

a few weeks ago i landed the mavic 2 pro and the typhoon H in the boot of the car. not at the same time i’m not that brave.


Nice flying!

But I’ve got to ask…

Why didn’t you just land on the floor next to the car? :blush:

Man… that could have gone soooooo wrong :grimacing:


I’m glad it didn’t though :slight_smile:

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Oh you know,! i wonder if? and it’s a red rag to a bull :sweat_smile:


Love to see this happen whilst the car is driving :grin:

Nice precision flying though, wouldn’t work on my saloon


This reminds me of a blue light driving instructor I had once would would put his coffee on the dash during certain maneuvers to mess with us (sorry to test our skills/competence).

Good skills not sure I would be brave enough, that and my current lease car doesn’t have a big enough boot after I have put my stuff in it haha.

Thought it was going to be done from the driver seat :joy:


The boy’s mad I tell thee!. . . :grinning:

Seriously Steve, ballsy flying there, no way would I attempt that with my Typhoon. . :scream:

You’d need a 40ft trailer to get the bugger in

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@stevesb I’ll bring my Typhoon H tomorrow, see if we can land them both together… :woozy_face:

Presumably with all the obstacle sensors switched off on the M2P?

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Mines grounded. Lack of props due to slow boat from China. No white ringed ones😭

Yes. I think it was scared thinking it was a big monster about to eat it.:sweat_smile:

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@stevesb I got some spares if you need.

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Nice one. Problem is I need 2.:sob:

Cancel that just had a root through my prop collection and found some that shouldn’t have been in there.

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Batteries for typhoon now on charge, M2P now recharged, Zoom charged. Flask clean. Alarm set.:+1::+1::+1:

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Better get mine all on charge then…

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