“Landing” 100m up peeking over the fog

I popped my Mini 2 up to try and get a shot of my home town above the mist and fog but got to 100m up and nothing. Tried to descend and was told that it was landing, heart in mouth, stomach content in trousers I cancelled it and flew around to find a thinner patch to descend through and took this while I was there. Not a very cleve shot and I now wish I’d calmed down and spent longer. I live and learn to fly another day.



glad you got her home safe :+1:

If it was landing why didn’t you you just let it “land” in the fog. It would have kept descending, then when it was through the fog cancel the RTH and do as you normally do.

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I wasn’t confident that the rotors wouldn’t shut down - I know the clouds are ‘soft’ but I definitely wasn’t thing that straight.

I’ve heard of similar stories of people flying in fog and mist, surely your breaking the first rule of VLOS and secondly the moisture can do damage to your electrics. The downward sensors are very sensitive, I’ve experienced landing issues flying over water for the first time, if your able to turn the sensor off before flight?