Lanyard purchase mistake - sorted

I purchased a lanyard off eBay. After seeing both Air 2 and Mini 2 regularly in descriptions for the same product, I bought one.

received it this morning and … it didn’t fit. on looking again the one I ordered only mentioned ‘for Mavic Air 2’ So what is the difference… they look identical.

Well on looking at the bracket and the place where it fits there is a 1 mm difference in groove of the bracket to the thickness of the moulding in my Mini 2… The moulding is thicker than the groove it is to go over.

Bracket groove

So I decided to shave off 1mm (as already shaved off in photo) and it is a good fit… not loose or too tight… saved me ordering another on

With the weight of the phone/display on the RC it balances well horizontally off your chest and frees up your hands if necessary. The amount of times I have had to think twice on putting the RC down on wet grass just to pick up the Mini 2 to do compass calibration etc.

I might even try hand launches now.