Last weeks project - Portable power

As a few of you know I like to field charge, and bought a lovely 70ah leisure battery, weighing in at a whopping 24kg… Lovely (@yith s arm can attest to the weight of that!) So was looking at alternatives, and got my hands on a 30aH LifePO4 one (LiFePO4 12V 30Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery | ECO-WORTHY), LOT lighter (3.5kg ish), though just under a half of the capacity, but plenty none the less for a days flying and recharging. So need something to carry it in (Kingmann Mega Tool Box + Free 13" Toolbox Set | Decorating, DIY) the larger one of these two). OK, nice to have some XT60’s on it (Male XT60E Panel Mount Gold Plated Connector 20A Amass | eBay lovely…) how about some small voltage displays (bingo, and some switches… (yummy Some USB ports be nice too, all portable boxes have USB ports (bonza!

I always wanted a 3d printer to print enclosures for electrical projects. Little did I know that it’d be drones that got me to buy one, but now my original need is satisfied. Some inserts to stop the battery sliding around, and a nice little box to put all the bits and bobs in! Dremmel your toolbox, and here ya go!

Yes maybe I could have bought one hey… But where’s the fun in that?!

I have a 5V output on the red button (BEC inside), and the blue button just shows the battery voltage…

Anyways, if someone’s bored and wants portable power… Also so much more portable, lol


I was wondering why you thoughy my arm was so nice…

Ones longer than the other I’m sure :wink:

It is… but as consolation i got to be the first to charge a pack using your invention in the field.


Very true, and it didnt catch fire, which is a bonus in my mind!

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Thats a damn fine idea!!!
I have small deep cycle battery that I took off my last ride on mower before I scrapped it. It sits in the footwell of the van and just has a female fag lighter output wired to it. When the battery starts running low I take it into shed and charge overnight. Now I’m going to steal your idea but also add a split charger so it can be topped up while driving :+1:

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@gunja99 would a Powapacs Atom pro be better for charging in the field you can just plug your charger into it, its 78,000 mah, just a thought

Possibly (not sure if it has 12V out, but hey ho), but as said I could have bought one but no fun, also probably £100 more expensive (though lot’s more power)

Can I? it has 12V out? I don’t have a plug 240v connection for my chargers, just XT60 12v+ in

Yeah mate it does I’ve put a couple of pics from website for you pal :+1: