Latest Flights not syncing in Go4

Hi All

I flew on 17 and 19 Dec. Ive just synced and the 17 Dec flights sync but the 19 Dec flights do not…

I saw on th’interweb that the DJI server tends to go down…(hopefully not because of some Gatwick related investigation…).

I know its along shot as why would half the latest sync work and not the latter half

Anybody else having difficulty syncing?

Any ideas?

Got an error message you can share with us @Clarkey mate?

Mine no longer works due to running an old version of GO and the SSL certs have expired.

It’s a really basic question, but you are logged in properly on the app aren’t you? Last time I couldn’t sync (took me ages to work it out) was because I’d ended up logged out somehow

Theres no error message, which is weird and unf.

I think Ill just “restart” everything, take another flight and hope for the best;)

Do you get a progress percentage?

Something must happen when you click the sync icon surely? :thinking:

Yes, it appears and says “complete” when I sync: however it has just “missed” the last 4 flights (4 batts) on 19 Dec. I have the video that I shot for these 4 flights…

They’re not right at the very bottom of the list are they? With an incorrect timestamp?

(Also happened to me in the past)

Do you use AirData? Are they showing up on there?

ummm - older at the bottom, aren’t they?

Yup, that’s why I said right at the bottom :slight_smile:

Mine had a 2001 dated timestamp?!

But he’s saying the older ones synced.

I meant, maybe they did sync, but the dates are wrong in the logfiles.

So while you knew which days you flew @Clarkey, the logs might be time stamped otherwise.

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I don’t know how well I explained that either :rofl:


Tx for the suggestions guys

Ive only been flying since Oct and all my flight log dates are accurate.

I sync to the cloud in Go4 and then auto sync on airdata. The 19 Dec flights are just not there

The AC is “normal”, no error messages etc.

As I said, let me try a little flight tomoz to see if it was just a glitch.

I dont think it could be the DJI server as it has done “half” of the sync and “completed”

Anyway, bigger fish in play at Gatwick: Ive had several msgs from my non drone friends poking fun;(

Flew and resynced this morning. All good.
Just a wobble. Tx for advice. Thread closed :+1: