Latest vid of property


Just done this for local estate agents, mix of handheld and fly throughs.

property dressing is main issue, but less noticeable than stills. Was concentrating on flying and flow.


I edited - you only need paste the YT link directly onto its own line for it to create the embedded player. :wink:


I’ll get the hang of it Ozone, promise



Can I offer some constructive feedback @lee ?

Sloooooo down mate - some of those movements were real quick - that’s all :blush:


thanks ping, vid was actually sped up as didn’t wnat it to run too long.but still needed to get everything in but know what you mean.


Depending on what you use to edit, some aggresive stabilisation in post could smooth it out in the worst bits … but one always loses some of the image around the edges with that. Not too bad if recorded in 2.7k+ … as far as resolution is concerned.


only using Imovie at the moment. need to update computer and software as work comes in, catch 22 but the editing I need to do at the moment is basic as have a partner who does most and is a lot more experienced.

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