Le Beaujolais Nouveau cest arrivee

It’s arrived, the MP2 has made it all the way from China, and of course Sod’s law, I get called out to go to work, so she’s come with me. So time to fully charge the batteries, which were flatter than Kylie Minogues chest, ready for the maiden flight tomorrow…I hope… lucky I’m at work cos on the hottest driest summer since the dinosaurs said ‘do you smell something burning?’, it’s actually piddling it down. image


Looking forward to the pics/footage Brian.
Fingers crossed the weather improves and you can get out and play

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Congrats Brian

let see what exceptional stuff you can do with your new baby

its best not to go out on the first day you need at least 1 battery to get all the setting to how you want them

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Thanks for reminding me of all the settings to set up, and no doubt updating everything, calibrating the compass and making cups of coffee.
First impressions are pretty good, it seems well made, as we’d expect from dji. If I get as much fun and enjoyment out of it as I did the original MP, then I’ll be happy.

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Good luck with it. Hope the weather breaks for you tomorrow.

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“The 7.15 to London has been delayed due to a drone on the line”


lowkey savage

Welcome to GADC, George! :+1:

That probably should get an award for the shortest ever first post! :wink:


21st century technology, with 19th century in the background.

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