Led Cree Strobe placement

Hi all
been looking to get some led,s for my mavic pro plus ( looking at flytron cree ones ) and am wondering about where to put them.
i see that most people attach them to the arms but if they are on the side they are then are angled towards each other inwards (if that makes sense) , and if they are on the bottom they face straight down,
surely they need to be angled slightly down so they can be seen from below.
Hope this makes sense,or am i missing something ???

I use cheap simple cable ties …

Decided to try fitting my strobes just with cable ties.
Luckily there’s enough space (JUST!) to leave them on with the arms folded.
Can get to them to recharge, OK, too.

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On the Mavic I have one on each rear arm, one points forwards, the other points backwards. No issues seeing them :+1:t2:

On the Inspire, again one on each arm, also with one pointing forwards and one backwards.

If you go for the Strobon - don’t forget about … this thread

Don’t put them in the FRONT of the arms facing FORWARD. Unless you’ve got the obstacle detection disabled. I did and my MP2 shot off backwards like a scolded cat trying to avoid the bright flash which it perceived to be an obstacle.


I shouldn’t have laughed …. but (after almost a whole bottle of wine) … I so did! :wink:


Thank you for your reply’s but still need to know if i need to angel the strobes down or if they are still visible flat (at 90% ) ?? or do the flytron ones have a wide field of view ??.
Must say that Brians comment was very interesting ( also quite funny )

Thank you

They are in that position in my pics, above.

I’ll send you some photos when I get home shortly. Just visiting some rellies (relatives)

I have mounted one strobe directly underneath the drone using Velcro, however I bought a pair of extending legs complete with LED lights. See pics.

A couple of reasons behind my decision…
Firstly they only cost slightly more than the strobe.
Secondly they fit superbly and don’t interfere with anything
Thirdly the AA batteries are available anywhere if you forget to bring some with you, there’s nothing more annoying than forgetting to charge the strobe and it turning off mid flight. Even in broad daylight, the lamps are highly visible, they can be turned on full beam, low beam or flashing, which makes them very versatile

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Thank you for all your reply’s and photos, I know how to do it now,
Brian, have searched for those legs but can only find for mavic 2 like yours, do you think they would fit a mavic pro plus ???.

They fit all the Mavic pros. The rotor arms are the same

Now ordered, thank you for your time.


No problem, happy to help.

Also available in Silver at motor accessory type shops :+1:

Saw this from 2019 which had the excellent photos of how/where you mounted them. Did you use that strong velcro substitute as well ?
Just bought 2 of these crees so was wondering how best to fit
Typical me - 1 year late !! lol