Led props

Just got some led props,says there ok for mp2 ,but looks like they are actually for mp 1,they fit,but would i be ok for a short night flight,or will it be bad for my mp2? takes off ok ,but have not gone more then 20ft high,just in case…your thoughts please…:thinking::thinking:

Aren’t the prop fixings a little different between the MP and the M2P?

Thought I read the props weren’t interchangeable.

Main thing to check is that they’re on securely and no chance of them coming lose.

I have the ones for the MP - never flown a great distance because they loose their impact when they’re not even 100m away. It’s close that they look cool! :+1:

Seem to fit ok,but they are the same size as the mp1 props,i think,so maybe the the fact they fit means it will be ok,and i only want to get a few nighttime shots with them on,not planning on flying them regularly,but hope to get a few shots,which i will upload here,just worried in case there is a reason i should not fly them,cheers

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Yeah - the ones I have a the shape of the MP quiet props, not the same as the stock MP props.
They’ll never be the efficiency of normal props with all the LEDs and the channel the cable fits in … etc…
I’ve never felt worried flying with them though.

cheers Dave guess i will give them ago,as soon as the dam weather permits!!:joy::joy::+1:

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Some pics of mine the other week …


Pretty cool Dave may try to get some ground shots with led props and landing lights on,just for fun!!!:+1::+1:

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Those landing lights are pretty impressive!

They are also bloody blinding,especially when you are holding your mavic testing things out,then trying the lights to see if they work,ouch now that hurt,what a plonker,and yes, i say that sincerely,(note to self,dont look at the bottom of your drone if you are going to turn the bloody lights on!):rofl::rofl::joy:


It’s a bit the same with the strobes I have fitted and sometimes use.
Yet to find the buttons to switch them off without having to turn it over and end up having strange flashing things in my vision as I drive home.

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Remember,dont light and drone,for your safety and others…:rofl::rofl: