Leeds Mavic Pro Flight Sunday 20/05/2018

A quick video of a flight around the South Bank Of Leeds, still getting used to the Mavic Pro, so please any advice would be welcomed…


16 minutes is “quick”? :rofl:


Hi @Nightflight and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Two bits of feedback for you :slight_smile:

Well three really…

@OzoneVibe covered the main one already:

Your videos will need to be seriously interesting to hold someone’s attention for that long. Six minutes long? maybe, at a push, but 16? :blush:

Second, your video looks a bit dark, you may need to tweak some settings?

Third, at around 4:36 I got dizzy… you were spinning round soooo fast! Go easy on those controls mate. Slow, steady movements :+1:

A great first vid though - congrats :smiley:

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It’s always difficult, I find, when some footage interests you because …
a) you took it
b) it’s your new toy
c) you had a reason to take it
d) it’s somewhere you’ve been and it’s another way to store a memory …

… to work out
a) what other people will find interesting
b) what other people will find boring
c) …… etc.

I mean … how DOES a top movie director do that? It’s something I can’t comprehend.

It’s also a reason I don’t post videos very often. LOL!

I did actually watch it ALL the way through. I don’t know Leeds that well.
At least, I didn’t yesterday! :wink:

(Just joshing, @Nightflight.)

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