Liability Insurance

Can anybody recommend a liability insurer?
I thought it would be sensible to get a basic liability cover but the quotes I’m getting are for more than it costs to insure my car !!

Is it for recreational use?

FPV UK membership offers £5M cover for £19.99 per year. I use them.

BMFA offers £25M for £34 per year.

If it’s for commercial, sorry I have no idea.

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If it’s for commercial use @Abacus then yes, it’ll probably cost way more than you pay for car insurance :slight_smile:

I’m with FPVUK for recreational use. Never had to test it, but piece of mind if nothing else :+1:

I’m with BMFA - they also do a discount for a second pilot at the same address

Thanks for the replies. None of the quotes I looked for gave the option of recreational only.
I’ll look for FFPVUK and get a quote from them.


No quote needed for FPVUK mate, it’s £20 quid a year for £5m cover:

I’ve joined fpvuk, it’s a small amount for peace of mind.

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Definitely worth having.

Aside from the cover if the unthinkable happens, it’s good to have when asking permission to fly somewhere.

Just remember your only covered while flying within the rules.

Stay safe and have fun.


Hi @Pete1 :smiley:

I take it from your suggestion that you’re a BMFA member already?

Any advice / tips?

Yeah I joined BMFA a few days ago, not received membership card yet, sound like a good deal

Good value and supports model flying.

I joined a club, and you must have BMFA membership to be with them, so I did it anyway :slight_smile:

Hanworth Flying Club (Hanworth Air Park) Great bunch of like minded people

I just went with fpvuk. I have used them before and it seems like straightforward, no nonsense cover.


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hi chaps
does FPV UK cover flyaways?

FPV UK is purely 3rd party public liability. It does not cover your kit at all

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I suppose it would cover a flyaway if it went on to cause injury or damage. As long as you were flying legally.

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thanks Callum
its cheap as chips.
I took the DJI refresh option when I got it so I am reasonably covered I suppose.
Piece of mind is a wonderful thing isn’t it so I opted for the FPV UK as well.

The website isn’t that clear is it. Still the important insurance is the 3rd party Liability.
that’s very cheap for 20 notes.

I’ve got refresh as well mate, and FPV for liability.

It’s cheap for what it is and covers you in a worst case scenario as long as your flying legally.

Flyaways are extremely rare to be honest. I worried about them at first but rarely crosses my mind now.