Licence online

I want to get a PfCO licence. I have seen it advertised as an online course.

Is this acceptable etc?
We use the drone to film crane that we sell at work, plus the occasional friends wedding.

I’m doing it with UAV academy at the moment.
You do all the theory in your own time at home, with little quizzes along the way.
You then do a mock theory test ( you get 2 goes at the mock). You then download some software and book a time slot to do your proper theory exam, they invigulate this via webcam. You then complete your ops manual, but they do 90% of the hard work. Then you book your flight test, which could actually be quite near to wherever you are as they have various sites around the country. After that you send the application to the CAA.
All quite straight forward.

I am
Doing my course with an online provider but I am not 100% happy. There are aspects that are not covered like FRZ it seems out of date

@Jel1983 if they are not covering FRZs I would be massively worried as that came into being in April and the knowledge will be key to you producing an acceptable operations manual.

That being said, it maybe that FRZs are covered later on. If in doubt, I would contact the providers and question this. They have to be approved by the CAA to be able to deliver an acceptable PfCO course and I would expect the CAA would not be happy to hear that one of there approved NQEs was not including training on FRZs in their course.

I did email them yesterday about FRZs. They are definitely NQE approved (I checked the caa website) they have not replied