Liftoff graphics disply

I could play the liftoff SIM ok on a old laptop no errors but I new i needed a faster and better laptop to get the max from the SIM and editing 4k so bought a XPS 15 Inch 9570 High Performance 4K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti with 4GB GDDR5 video memory, 32GB Ram 1TB SSD and had the above error.

It was showing in Device manager 2 cards Intel and geforce

Dxdiag shows disply intel and render geforce, was unsure this was correct as I thought geforce do all but apparently what I think happens is intel do the mundane things like browsing and geforce kicks in for graphic Hungry programmes??? Right or wrong ???

I reinstalled latest driver using the Nvidia tool and all seems ok I went into Nvidia control panel and set high performance for liftoff, went into Nvidia experience panel and cannot find the game but not to worried as again on searching it’s a common problem with steam games and it might not be on there list anyway.

After checking and tweaking on booting up Liftoff I get popups like Nvidia experience telling me key combination to bring up the dashboard in game so gave me confidence that something is from Nvidia does notice it but unsure if graphics card has, the reason I’m questioning this that i found in liftoff settings that graphics shows very little info and disply tab is blank. I looked around Steam and don’t see any reference to graphics in the panel. The error box does not come up anymore which is positive but wish i could 100% know.