Light Writing


Just planning some night hyperlapse ideas and was reminded of these last year with the GoPro and iPhone ‘torch’ for the light. 5 second exposure times in the back yard.

Kids loved it.



why does the first one say Doris?


That took forever, trying to do it backwards in ‘joined up’ writing


Nice! I’ve not tried writing words before. A bit like sparklers.

I did something similar at Leiston Abbey a few years ago. Framed the shot, waited for it to get dark, and then took a series of pics, starting at 30sec exposures and going up. ‘Painted’ on the ruins of the abbey with a torch while the shutter was open. The results were amazing. I’d post one, but I’ve not idea what I did with the pics.


It reminds of the bloke peeing his name in the snow but it was his girlfriends handwriting :slight_smile:

Actually it doesn’t remind me of that at all


@SputnikTheAirDog hahahaha


That is SERIOUSLY impressive @milkmanchris :clap:

Any chance of a GADC one? :wink:

And I can’t scan your qrcode avatar :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ll get the kids on it ;o)

It’s just milkmanchris GADC, I think the round crop has killed it ;o(


I was asked to some photos by my nephews and his future wife at their wedding. They were pleased with the results, especially the letters spelling love. There were a few failures having to get them to do the letters neatly and the right way round!


I’m guessing that last shot was before alcohol was consumed.

Could just imagine it.


People struggle to understand my handwriting when I’m sober!


Am I the only one thinking ‘if that was me I’d be writing smutty messages with those lights’?


So many four letter words to choose from. :rofl:


Surprisingly it was later in the evening and they wanted friends there as well. Have to say, I didn’t drink much before these worrying about getting it right but has a a fair few afterwards… :wink:


That was a worry!!!


excellent Brian theres another idea for me to do at my weddings


How often do you get married?


when I photograph them…


After I was asked to do ithis I did do a bit of research and it’s very popular in the US with found some really clever examples


That is REALLY impressive!! :clap: :+1: