I took this picture last night, 150+ shots continuously and this was the only one that actually caught the lightning.
It was featured on all the local news channels, BBC news have also been in touch and has been shared dozens of times on twitter :grinning::grinning::grin::grin:


I wasn’t fast enough to get the camera out.

Fantastic photo


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It was going off for about 20-30 mins here so I had plenty of time

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Wow what a fantastic shot! :ok_hand:t2:

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Brilliant shot! :+1::+1::+1:

Yeah I think it was the same here. I’ve been sleeping a lot just lately and I was only awoken due to a massive bang.

When I managed to compose myself and figure out what was happening, I looked out of the window to the most immense lightening I have ever seen. After I got the camera it all seemed to calm down. So I never actually got any shots.

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Fantastic shot!

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I read somewhere that to get good lightning shots you need to set your SLR up on a tripod, ISO of 100, smallest aperture, i.e. highest number, and long exposure - possibly using the B setting. Then just wait for the flash or flashes! Haven’t had chance to try it because we rarely get thunderstorms where I live, But when we do, I’ll try it and publish.
Forgot to add - wide angle lens on camera.

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That’s an amazing photo @Urbansnooper

Which camera was it?

And over what time period were the 150+ shots taken? Just a few seconds?

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Nikon D3300
Shots were 2sec exposure with 2secs in between to let memory card write

Tried similar but it wasn’t working on bulb mode, It was over exposed and I don’t have an nd filter. Hence the amount of continuous shots

I also took a few photos the other night and while I got (what I felt) were some good shots they’re nothing yours @Urbansnooper . Also mine were using burst mode on my 12 Pro Max. All are as shot and without any edits.


Good shots, especially using a phone.

mine was a very lucky shot and I have altered contrast and exposure in lightroom