Lightroom training - you have 15 days to help yourself to some goodies!

I’ve just uploaded some really useful training vids to one of our FTP servers. I ask that you respect other people’s stuff in the surrounding folders. There’s an automated script that deletes all files after 15 days, so fill your boots. Or your hard disks! Ideally you should use one of the many FTP transfer programs (CoreFTP is free and safe) but I believe that you can pick these files up using a browser too.

But this is a great intro to image editing if you shoot in RAW (as you indeed should). This was an upload for @JayForceOne but please help yourself while it’s there.

Login details:

Connection Type: SFTP
Port: 22
User: txtmft\jacobsenmarketing
Pass: 7in982zg
Folder: GADC then "Lynda - Lightroom CC Essential Training"

Please note that there’s an automated script that will delete all files after 15 days, so after that date they will no longer be available.



I seem to be capped to 180k/sec so my current download queue is +3hrs :smiley:

Although, there’s a ZIP file there which is over 1GB on it’s own (not sure what it is?), so I just removed that from my queue and my eta dropped to just 1hr 45mins.

Thanks for the share @PsychoTeapot - great of you to share all this stuff with the club :+1:

No worries, mate. I should explain: the Zip file is just the exercise files. They’re optional, and you can pick them up later from the website.

I also need to stress the need for a little discretion. It’s my work server, plus I daresay wouldn’t appreciate me distributing their lovely content!

Thanks for the generous share, appreciated. All files downloaded safely - and your secret’s safe with me. :sunglasses:

Now all that’s left to do is get a copy of Lightroom…sigh.

Thank you kindly friend!!

These are great, thanks

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I can do the same with Photoshop and Premiere if anyone is interested. Just message me.

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So I have played a little with the new lightroom stuff to give my pics a little pizzazz and I’m pretty happy so far!!!

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Mate, those are EPIC. Truly brilliant images.
I’m really pleased if I helped a tiny bit.

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Thanks for the praise!!! Yeah you helped a lot. Cheers dude!!

They look great, need to play around some more.

Hi Guys. how do I get to download them?

You’ll need to install a ‘FTP Client’ piece of software first, somelike like either CureFTP or FileZilla from Download FileZilla Client for Mac OS X

Once installed, you can then enter the FTP details listed in the first post above :+1:

I just clicked on the link in my browser. then entered the username and password and went straight to the files, no special software needed.

Bloody hell, well what do you know… so it does!! Didn’t even occur to me to try just clicking the link :blush:

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Thanks guys. I’ll try at home

Yeah I did the same …I only read about the installer thingy after I’d downloaded it all!! :slight_smile:

I have a simple mind. It says always look for the easy way. :rofl:

many thanks. Very generous of You. Extremely helpful

Thanks for the info.