List of what's needed?

I’ve not flown for a long long time due to health and weather.

I’m still on the MP, as the older members know I lost one and bought another, first was bought from DJI so have all details relating to that drone, second drone was bought of gumtree no details linked to me,

It’s NLD Modded, only reason I went down the NLD route was because on every update which nearly on every flight that i felt the drone I bought and worked perfectly and loved was getting more and more throttled and making trips more of a pain resetting all settings to my liking.

Drone no details connected to me, NLD blocks server and use dummy details for logging into a hacked app.

After all above I’m a careful flyer away from people and no houses in miles, where I live in Northern Ireland don’t have any NFZ’s mostly lakes and islands I fly around, I just hated at my age to be told what I can and cannot do by bureaucrats who know fuff all.

After the bad boy attitude above :joy::joy::joy:

My question is my Mavic is 743 g so is this all I need saying with gritted teeth.:sunglasses:
Category: C1
Registration: Yes
Competency: user manual, online training, online (foundation) test


I would advise you looking and having a read of the New EASA drone rules - 1 July 2020 a very useful thread created by me!

Thanks @alexmciver will have a read.

There’s a lot of discussion in that thread and tbh I can’t keep up with it.

I’m in the same situation as @ziceman, Mavic Pro which is rarely flown but when it is it’s away from people and buildings or at a distance that is advised by the drone code.

These new rules are making me feel like I may be breaking laws without knowing them even when I am flying in an empty open field.

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It wont be classed as a C1 as manufactured before July 2020 and does not have C1 rating.

It will be covered by transitional provisions CAP1789 Article 22.

As it’s over 500g will be treated as a C2 device.

Article 22 - Transitional provisions. Again, recognising that manufacturers will require some
time to develop C0-C4 compliant products and place them on the market, this Article has been developed to provide operators with some ability to operate within
the general scope of the new UAS classes even though their unmanned aircraft is not marked as being compliant.
This privilege is ‘time limited’ however, and only
applies until 30 June 2022 (after which all UAS placed on the market must be compliant). Additionally, the privileges that are offered are less (by about 50%)
than those that could be achieved by using a compliant product for the same operation.
The effect of this is that unmanned aircraft:
• with a mass of less than 500g will be able to be used in subcategory A1, as if it was a class C1 device, but only if the remote pilot has been tested to a
competency level specified by the state where the operation will take place.
Note: The UK has not yet determined the level of competency that will be required for this privilege to be exercised.
• with a mass of less than 2kg will be able to be operated in subcategory A2,
as if it was a class C2 device, but only down to a minimum horizontal
distance of 50m from people. In addition, the remote pilot will be required to
have been tested to a competency level that is at least equivalent to that
required for operation within the A2 subcategory (i.e. the ‘A2 CofC).

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I’m sorry that there is a lot in that thread. It is out of my control

If you, part of the drone community, have difficulty (along with the rest of us) in understanding what is allowed to fly where then imagine how the officer on the beat will feel. They have more serious things to do with their time than to work out if your flight is legal and also will tend to steer clear if the incident is going to create a heap of paperwork for them.

I think that you will have to do something highly illegal, like flying a large drone at 10ft AGL down the High Street to draw enough attention to yourself for them to take action. Fly responsibly and no-one should give a toss!


Oh my god @callum what have I come back too, I actually had read most threads and links on this forum like @alexmciver posted and thought I had got the right information all sorted and just confirming to be told no.:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

It’s so dam confusing you need this and you need that your better off then before bla bla bla!! you don’t have to pay stupid money anymore!! You can make money from your videos and pictures!! Your device be useless after 2 years(I know this is crap but it’s been implied), A1 A2 C0 C1 C2 and so forth​:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:blinking be more simpler if they just have a list of drones and there category’s and be done with it.

I honestly say that for only coming here to this forum that I would be clueless today on the new regulations as my drone works perfectly as DJI cannot ground my drone not today and not in 3 years time and tbh I blinking glad I’ve gone down this route.

I know alot of land owners that got drones, some are much bigger just to check on there livestock or track deer movements and probably in the dark on this forced regulations so how will these be notified?

I see now drones can be insured much easier and cheaper since I last looked into it in the past as if you did not have DJI cover and not actually lost it you be ok but apart from this you were screwed as im talking from experience having crashed and replaced to lost and screwed.:frowning: So my question is do you need all above regulations first to get insurance and if not then if lost or crashed what’s the protocol on what needs to be provided will it be for instance flight logs.(reason is not to scam but if I can get cover be fantastic as I’m still going to continuing to run NLD)

Regards cantankerous Old man :older_man:t2:


I’m a newbie and fly the Phantom 4 and the Spark, seriously thinking of swapping the Phantom for a smaller drone now :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Well I say that insurance is a must have. If you would like a chat about the new regulations, please don’t hesitate to DM me!

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Good to see you’re still around @ziceman :slight_smile:

Damage/replacement type insurance, I don’t know…

But for Public Liability insurance, FPVUK are one of the few, if not the only, PLI insurers that do not require you to register with CAA.


Thanks, I will look into insurance.

I think flock and photo guard also doesn’t require you to be registered with the CAA in order to obtain insurance

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