Litchi by Night

Something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that I’d never done a Night Time Litchi Mission. So, last evening, I had a go.

A few hiccups meant that I didn’t do it quite as I’d planned.

I was going to use manual exposure … but, for some reason, Litchi was insisting on adding in a -2.0EV adjustment that it wouldn’t let me change.
Since I was in a pitch black park (and it was a little chilly), I decided to just see what auto-exposure came up with.
I have to say - I’m not disappointed.
Used manual focus too.

Second hiccup … I’m more used to flying Litchi out over the sea, or over wide green spaces … and this was neither.
The main consequence was probably the result of a few thousand Wi-Fi boxes below me, somewhere …. and both the control signal and the video signal were dropping into the red.

This was meant to be about a 16 minute mission, and having used up some battery on trying to get the exposure how I wanted, and setting the manual focus … I wasn’t prepared to sit back and let if fly the remainder of the mission - since I knew it would be tight on battery time, and if I had no control signal, then I’d not be able to abort the mission.

That and, whilst contemplating his situation, remembering that I’d not double checked what it was set to do on critical battery … OR what I had critical set to … I decided it was time for an RTH.
The signal was so low that it took several attempts to get the MP to respond and for me to confirm the RTH.
I’d made the correct decision.

The video is 2x actual capture speed … and can handle another 2x when you play it in YT.


You sir, have bigger balls than me!!!

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Wait 'til I’ve checked the batteries can do the whole excursion. :wink:

Actually, too much black roofs in Winch to be that interesting to anyone that doesn’t know it or, like me, lived there many years.

I need a better illuminated city … :+1:


Or fly much lower ;o)

Winchester’s a bit dead at night … even at head height. LOL