Litchi - Maps - Mobile app

A couple of questions, if anyone knows … (might be Android specific)

  1. On the Google Maps, mine is showing strange blue lines that I can’t relate to anything that really exists. Anyone know what these are?

  1. This may be my phone … but …

I find the pinch-zoom on Google Maps is really frustratingly unresponsive, but using Mapbox maps was fine (not that the maps are!).

Anyone else find zooming Google Maps isn’t easy?

i think the blue lines corollate to water courses as i had this come up on drone harmony as well, when i checked against my local area they all concided with small streams and ditches.:grinning:

it may just be that a local graphiti artist was there just before the google sat did it’s photo run. :laughing:

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Some look like they may be ditches (it’s a strange overlay and I have no idea where it’s coming from … certainly not Google Maps … so why is Litchi adding it?) … but, knowing this area, some are certainly not (the one top left - fly in that field often) … and one I saw going along a motorway would have me worried. :wink:

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