Litchi on Crystalsky

So I relented and bought another CS 7.85 HB (sold the last one) to run Litchi having started using Litchi and watching a couple of videos about it yesterday but I can’t for the life of me find them today! Has anybody got a link to where the procedure is explained. Thanks.

It was here, but it’s been pulled - YouTube :frowning:

Found his original post, with some useful download links:

Still no video though…

But this vid may help:

I’ll give the guy a shout, he may still have the original video.

Thanks Rich… There’s this one too but he’s exceeded his bandwidth.

I got everything installed today but Litchi couldn’t access the Play Store to verify that I’d bought Litchi as the PS kept crashing so I’m wondering if there’s a sequence to follow.

If it helps, I seem to recall that only a specific version of Litchi worked?

Alas, I can’t remember which version number it was…

I also remember that all the Google stuff needed installing in a very specific order. Again, I can’t remember what that order was :roll_eyes:

We really should start mirroring useful content here to prevent it vanishing :slight_smile:

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Thanks again Rich. I’m sure that a solid solution will be available soon…

Btw, it was VC Technology who make Litchi that took Mad RC’s video down…


That makes no sense…

Surely they’d want their app to work on the CS?!

That guy was so careful in his video to NOT link to any Litchi downloads too!

What sort of claim have they submitted to YouTube?!

So I got Litchi to work on my Crystalsky, I ran my first 3 missions yesterday and apart from some small gimbal glitches which I think I know how to resolve, they all ran without a hitch, exactly as planned. I’ll load up a video to YT later.

Getting it to work on the CS is very simple.

I never did find the steps to do this again after that video got pulled…

Can you let us know what to do please, @Peter? :+1:

It’s the third post in my thread below Rich. I started out wanting to install Litchi on the Moverio glasses but ended up installing it on the CS… :slight_smile:

Litchi on Moverio BT300 glasses. | DJI Mavic Drone Forum

Ta :+1:

Are the Google Play services still crashing?

And out of interest, are the Google services running all the time in the background once installed? Or only when Litchi is running?

It always crashes but it has no effect on anything, none whatsoever, so you can just ignore it.

How were you able to install Google Play Services? I have tried but the install always fails.