Litchi on Hauwei m5

Was considering installing Litchi on my Hauwei m5 lite 8.
Any issues with the Android version? Had a quick google. Saw something about Android 10 not liking it. I’m on version 9 I think (still working my head round Android).
Comments from those in the know much appreciated. Thanks.

I now have Litchi obn both iPad Pro and Huawei M5 10.1 inch.

The Android version seems to have more options in settings though I mustard mitt that I have yet to get fully conversant with the IOS implementation. No problems ar all on the Huawei which is receiving regular Android updates though, as yet, not the big leap to 10.

Like you I am aware of the rumours that there may be clashes with 10 but haven’t yet worked out if the reports are coming from experienced users whose devices have upgraded or from new users who are blaming 10 when they should have RTFM.


Thank you.