Litchi on Mavic Air


Can I use Litchi with my Mavic Air ? And I’m guessing it takes the place of DJI Go as the interface to control the drone ?



Yes and yes :blush:


Thanks Rich :wink:


Shout if you need any help with Litchi. I think I’ve made most of the mistakes that it’s best to avoid making, :wink:

There are a lot of things to get your head around, initially. I’d suggest starting with a mission that’s slow and very simple in a large field … where you can watch what it does and understand it … then make it more complicated … and then get more adventurous.

Setting up missions on the home computer/laptop (using their Mission Hub web UI) is a lot easier for accuracy than in the app on a phone or even a tablet - and any mission you create syncs between all devices automatically. There are also things you can do on the Web UI that you can’t do in the app.

Also (if you’re on Windows at home) look at Virtual Litchi Mission … which enables you to view the proposed flight in 3D in Google Earth, and check camera angles.

Have fun! I always love using it - even if I still get a weird feeling as it shoots off doing its own thing. :wink:


Awww thanks for that !

Will have a look at the tutorials, and take small steps



I use litchi with my spark works great


Is it the £22 one?


That sounds like the usual price. If you’re not in a hurry they do special offers quite often. But I think it’s excellent value at full price having used it for over a year.


I’m in no rush, so will keep an eye out for the offers - i’m still learning out of the box stuff… Thanks for the reply though.


I luuurrrve my litchi!! Great on mavic air!