Litchi on sale

Heads up, Litchi is currently on offer - not sure for how long…

Was £21.99 and now only £13.99 :+1:

CrystalSky -

Android -

iOS -

Strangely, the CS version is only £12.99 :man_shrugging:

I need a refund. That’s a bargain now. Just wish DJI would put it in the go. Or maybe they are going to and Litchi is trying to make the best of it before it happens.

For two days, it says …

… and bought! :+1:

Thanks for the heads up, Rich!

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Ah, good spot Dave!

Be quick then guys :smiley:

@sparkman999 you mentioned this only yesterday I think?

Just got to learn how to use it, now. #Phht! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got it thanks @PingSpike

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Bloody ell. Think I paid half price for it when I bought it but I could’ve saved even more. Haven’t even used it since I bought it LOL

My brain is getting too old for all this “learning”. :confused: