Litchi query

I am now discovering Litchi, it looks really good.
I use an Iphone 7 for my flight display.
I rarely use a computer, I cannot be bothered with software/program updates etc so my everyday surfing is an Ipad Pro.
Can I create missions on the Ipad to transfer to the phone as is possible with a lap top or do I need to do all the mission planning on a lappy.



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Yes - you can - they update to as many devices as you have logged in to their service.

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Thanks Dave

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What you will miss out on is some useful features that are only available in the web version … like …

Moving / Relocating a whole mission.
Scaling a mission
Rotating a mission

Now you may not be able to quickly think why you might need any of these … but I’ve created a mission where I intend to fly (obvioiusly) … then used to create a new one from it in my local flying field. (Usually, to fit, this needs rescaling and rotating.)

This is great to check you’ve got the camera doing what you want and when you want … and speeds, etc.

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Cheers Dave
I will load it onto my laptop
Looks a fantastic application

It’s just a web page on the laptop : Mission Hub - Litchi

I must get to play with it more. I’ve several missions lined up for time/weather.

Can’t recall if one can do it in the app … but from the web page you can find missions others have created (where they’ve made them public) along with associated YouTube posts too.

Useful for some ideas.

Of course, it does 360 panoramas, too … though I’ve yet to play with that.

it’s all slowly trickling back into my neurons ….

Another thing I’ve found useful from the web, you can export as KML and then import into Google Earth.

Can be useful for larger missions when you can move around the flight and check things like the angle you’ll be looking at the ground/target …. and get a better idea on the composition of the shots/video.

Watch the match tonight and then that’s number 2 on my list
Thanks again

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Well that was poor (footy)
And i am semi inebriated but the apps being downloaded as we speak.

Yep, didn’t see that one coming.

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Hi Callum, i downloaded it to the iPad and created a mission
I tweaked it at work at lunch time on the PC.
I fancy sending my mP around the periphery of the company i work at to demonstrate it to my colleagues so i am excited about that.
Shame about the dodgy weather lately, cannot wait to fly it.
Really appreciate your input.

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I set myself a Litchi mission during the week that was to fly the perimeter of the huge field of the local windmill to where I am staying.
The winds have dropped a lot and the rain has gone away so thought i would give it a try.
I had a quick demo flight for the owner of the house i lodge at (not gone home this weekend) and it seemed a little unstable, so quickly did another mission whilst my phone was charging, no POI just send it around the field.

I had preset to 30m height for the full route so when i got to the site i put it up to 30m and also to record a home point in the dji 4 app.
The route i had set was 11min long so up and away it goes and off into the distance, trees in the background so line of sight maintained except for the tree background.
Once I couldn’t see it again , it seemed so far away i was thinking i have lost this, why didn’t I scale the route to a smaller area.
Then there it is again , coming back to papa then out of sight at the other end of the field, then back again. Gives me huge confidence in this app.
Very impressed with the Litchi app. The only downside was the video footage is very very jumpy.
It’s got a new sD card in the MP. My laptop is ancient so i am hoping that was the issue. Any other (non Litchi) footage has been smooth.

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See my mission below, this is what i should have done.
The reset mission was because of the trees on the edge of the field. I had set my mission to come well within the the inside edge of the field to avoid the trees but i was concerned if the wind got up at 30m whether the MP would blow into the trees.

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