Litchi vlm


can anyone point me in the right firection. trying to export misision from litchi into google earth using vlm so i can virtually fly it before actually running it.:grinning:


You click on the Missions button and select the Export as CSV option … and it should automatically fire up Google Earth.


Yep I worked out how to export but there is supposed to be a way of flying the mission on Google earth before actually doing it in real time that way you can adjust camera angles and photo opportunity so to speak. Any ideas?


By double clicking on the mission in the menu …



That’s what I was looking for thank you for you help😁


gonna give up on it now its just p*****g me off. had vlm working on my laptop yesterday now it wont load up properly so i am deleting it. donmt anybody make any working software any more:hot_face::rage::rage:


It’s never been a problem for me. Strange.

Edit: The main reason it’s rather strange is that it’s not really doing much more than intercepting a web browser export, sending that data to a server, and passing the returned data to Google Earth. It’s a very light-weight app that I’m surprised is causing a problem.